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Calendar of Events 2020

Saturday 16 May, 2020, Moth's Get Together, Hoogeveen Aerodrome (EHHO), The Netherlands, Contact Wim Stapel of telephone +31 (0)650676833

Saturday 16 May, 2020, the first 'Mary Ellis Memorial Rally', Sandown Airport, Isle of Wight. Open to vintage aircraft only. Limited number of aircraft. With the intention to take off at regulated intervals until the island is surrounded by a ring of aircraft. So that the first off is due for landing as the last participant is in take off. Secure your slot and contact of contact by telephone +44 (0)7900894044.

Saturday/Sunday 20/21 June 2020, Classic Cars & Aeroplanes, Breda/Seppe Aerodrome (EHSE), The Netherlands. Fifth edition. 1000 Classic Cars over the weekend. No landing and parking fees for classic aircraft. Grass strip for tail skid aircraft available. Contact Vliegend Museum Seppe (home of 3 Tiger Moths and 2 Chipmunks), e-mail, website

Friday 21 August, 2020, the 2020 Charity Flying at Old Warden Aerodrome. As previous experiences learned that traditional dates coincide with school terms and in particular the important exam period, we opted for this new (experimental) August date, on a weekday in the holiday period. Maximum assistance from Club Members is appreciated.

Friday 25 September, 2020, A Gathering of Moths and a Celebration of the Centenary of the incorporation of the de Havilland Aircraft Company, Old Warden Aerodrome. More details later.

In many cases the club receives full joining instructions for events which are not possible to reproduce in Moth Minor or on these webpages. Such details can be passed on willingly to any member with a greater interest in attending. SAE to deHMC HQ please.

Free video tutorials on how to tame the Tiger

A sequel to the original Taming the Tiger video

by Nigel Reid

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